Artist Statement

My work is inspired by nature (what art isn’t) by dreams and by my love of color. I like drama in my paintings – colorful images that I hope will inspire joy in the viewer as much as they brought joy to me as I painted them.

I have been making art of some kind for over thirty years now, beginning with silk-screen, then pottery and finally painting. For many decades I was also a dedicated perennial gardener: a living, moving and constantly changing form of art. And also an occasional poet. But painting always called me.

I love putting the paint on canvas. And while I usually begin with an idea of what I want to make, I am often inspired by the painting itself to go in another, unexpected, direction. This takes a willingness to let go of control and to trust in my own instincts. It takes more confidence to do this than I realized when I began. In fact, I have learned as much about myself in the process of exploring the art of painting as I have about painting. In many ways, that is art’s greatest gift to the artist: self-discovery.